Attached you will find directions for the right -anlge weave. It comes from the BEAD & BUTTON web page. Attached are photos of my work, displaying numerous ways this stitch can be used. The intent is that we learn from each other.... so... Please feel free to leave comments, questions and/or add photos as well.etc.

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Thank you!!
I love RAW, my signature necklace is a RAW, done with large pearls. Then the fun starts with the embellishments. I love detail and lots of bling, so I always embellish, and people like it. So, if you looking for a fun and very fast design, RAw, because you can stop when you feel you have done enough. Jusr love RAW, because every necklace and bracelet looks so different, sometimes people cant see that is a RAW base. Thanks for the tutorial, lovely day. X
Thanks for posting this...the instructions look clear and easy to follow.

toppo (-:~
thank you for these instructions ! There great!
Thanks for posting the instructions for RAW. I know they will come in handy for my next RAW project.
Debbie, ou are welcome. Please, any questions, please email me. i believe I can do this stitch in my sleep. look at the purse I beaded... you'll understand.

Yes I do RAW, Where can I get the pattern and instructions for the 2 necklaces that are there with the purse?


When you look under the 2 photos for "Sea Urchins", I mention that 1st) It is by Marcia DeCoster, 2nd) look at the cover of BEAD WORK magazine... it is the same pattern, just not gathered at the top and bottom. Read what I wrote ... should should give you a starting place.

The Pyrite cluster is just that: 10 individual pieces bezed and then sewn together using Fireline. My ovjective was to share with all beaders that you just don't have to bezel rivoli crystals, but rather "think out of the box", take that skill you learned and "run with it". In my case, I love natual stones and wanted an earthy, organic" appearance rather than all of the BLING.

I invite you to my photo album, find thes pics and read what I wrote for each.. there is a plethera of information there as well. Hope this helps.

Included in the attachments are:
How to do the right -angle weave
Example of bezeling a focal
3-Dimensional RAW
flat,one-needle appearance (Purse)
Sea Urchins: 3-dimensional
Your work is gorgeous. I love the beaded beads and the purse. RAW is terrific as a base for embellishing things.
Shirley I.

Where can I find the pattern and insructions for the 2 necklaces that are with the purse? Love you site.

My intent with this posting is for members to learn, share techniques and how a stitch can be used so many ways. This is just a sampling. I hope you will share your questions, tips, photos etc.



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