Signs of a Bead Artist: Humorous remarks welcomed. Please add to the list.

1. You are glad that NFL football season started so your partner can watch the games and you can
2. You know more that 28 colors.
3. You bead more than you talk, sleep, eat
4 You're in love with your bead studio/room
5. You have no room for company to sit.
6. Security is called when you wear your chain mail vest and accessories

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Here's a joke about jewelry in general Why are men with pierced ears better-prepared for marriage? They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.
Ten Reasons for Buying Beads (how to explain my obsession to my hubby):

1. Beady eyes keep a happy mind – it’s a great hobby. Cheaper than drugs and more fun than psychiatric care!
2. Buying beads is not immoral, illegal or fattening. It calms the nerves, gratifies the soul and makes us feel good.
3. To make money or investment.
4. A bead keeps without refrigeration. You don't have to cook it to enjoy it, and it never needs feeding, changing, or walking.
5. Buying beads keeps our economy going. It is our patriotic duty to support bead stores.
6. Beads are a proven aphrodisiac.
7. Beads don't argue or get crabby. Like women and wine: beads get better with age.
8. Bags and tubes of beads tightly packed make an excellent insulation for the home.
9. At any moment the employees of a bead factory might go on strike and limit the availability.
10. We are participating in a contest. The one with the most beads wins.

What's your excuse? ;) M
All legit reasons... These brought out a belly laugh, esp. 5,8 & 10

11. Medical reasons: relieves stress & anger
12. Cheaper than going to a therapist.
You cannot wait for one of your children to move out so that you can move into their room. My daughter just has ... and now I have my very own bead room!! No more clearing things off the dining table!
Your hubby says it's a good thing you don't collect cars.
I sooo do that!!!
Ditto...I do this too!
You know your bead inventory will outlast you.
Ain't THAT the truth!

Darling Hubby and I once walked into a fledgling bead store, when within EVERYONE'S earshot, he exclaimed "Honey, you have more beads THAN THESE GUYS DO! YOU should open a bead store!"

Color me red with embarrassment.... ;)
Humorous story , especially to those who ever entered a competition and had their art work judged.
Mr./Ms.----- is noted for her work in (lampwork/ wire/ beading/etc) and other artistic pursuits. She has server as juge on many occasions for art show . Once she was involved in an exhibit of modern art(including sculpture), & the judges were having a difficult time determining the winner until they cam to the very last entry.
It was an old, beat-up tin box from the end of which protruded half a dill pickle. The judges decided on the spot that this entry exhibited just the spirit, verve, and naturalness for which they were looking. They placed the blue ribbon on it.
Just then, the janitor came running in, snatched the "artistic form/sculpture" from the table, and exclaimed, "So there it is! Why can I never remember where I put my lunch!"

I thin we can all relate to this at some level.
For Lampworkers -

1. You have more tools than your husband, or anyone else
2. You know more about tools than the guy who works at Lowe's or Home Depot
3. The guy at the propane station knows you by your first name

For All Beaders -

You love the small container aisle at the craft store.
Oh, yes, ditto on the containers. I weave and string, and I just got back from a 12-day vacation out west.. I did buy about 10 containers for my seed beads. Also, too many other beads to count. I had soooo much fun. And my husband was kind enough to wait while I picked out my beads!



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