Hello, everyone, I want to learn more beading technology and get more beading inspirations, I know print magazines are a good source, does someone here also read magazines such as bead&button, beadwork… what issues are you reading?

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Hi Maria Lee,

I have a subscription on Beadwork and I certainly buy books of great beaders, f.e Sensational Embroidery Beading.

In those books, I find usefull information for my embroidery, because each step of all stitches is explained in detail and there are examples, very easy



Couldn't live without Beadowork and Bead & Button! And as for books - don't ask! I have dozens and dozens!!!

I'm into wire wrap and learned how to make a 3 wire frame for a cab.  Everything else I've learned mostly by trial and error.  I picked up a few books and mags and perfected some of my techniques.  I find a lot of inspiration online by looking at what others have done.  But, I find that a lot of my ideas go beyond the basics, and a lot of the information out there doesn't get into the more intricate moves.  So I guess I'm on my own, and that is not a bad thing, since I find things similar to what I have already done.  I must be doing OK.

I love Bead & Button mageazine.  I also get Beadwork magazine from time to time.



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